March 01, 2004

If you build websites...

AND you use Mozilla or Firefox...


Oh, the things it does to make life easier.

Now-- If you use some wysiwyg, drag-n-drop site builder and the sight of HTML source code scares the crap outta you. Chances are, you've never heard of Mozilla, Linux, or O'Reilly.

That's ok. Just because my favorite site-building application is TextPad, doesn't mean you can't take avantage of Webdeveloper's tools, especially since the price is right-- $0.00, free, gratis, take it 'n use it! The only catch, it's a plugin for Mozilla or Firefox.

shameless open source plug, part 2
Mozilla is the open source response from Netscape to the anti-trust practices of Microsoft. A sweet, suite of promising products available to all.

Check it out.

- Lito

Posted by Lito at 12:20 PM

February 05, 2004

All your blogs are belong to us

I love it!! Check out this blog blasting blogging over at kuro5hin. Just about any comment I could make in support/opposition of this opinion is already logged (in triplicate) in the comments.

Do I dis/agree? ::shrugs:: What do I care? I've got enough to worry about without concerns of legitimacy or value of my own bloggin'

"Blog 'em all! And let Google sort 'em out!"

- Lito

Posted by Lito at 01:18 PM