July 31, 2005

Peanut Gallery Closed

I've been a bit busy.

I haven't even posted pictures from my son's birthday party 3 months ago! It's been almost 5 months since my last blog post. I haven't even read any of my friend's blogs lately.

It comes with having a life, a job, a family, and running Windows XP on my home computer. I spent my "free time" for the last several weeks chasing down an overheating CPU, a copy-protection dll identified as a trojan horse, a crashing DVD player, and a digital converter that simply refuses to install. All of you Mac-olytes can giggle all you want. I've seen and heard all about the nightmares of upgrading any Mac over 2 years old.

If one of the three people who read my blog decided to post a witty retort to my weak stab at the Mac, they'd be out of luck. I've completely removed any commenting features from my blog. It has left the building. Not ONLY did I disable it, I removed it from the code altogether. Why? Today I found over 4,000 blog-spam posts from my tiny blog of 22 posts! All of them pushed 1 of 4 things: drugs, games of chance, a bigger penis, or a lower mortgage.

I even had comments from these blog-spammers on "draft" posts that a normal surfer would never see! How'd they do that? Write an application that "posts" millions of messages on thousands of blogs each day and hope a couple actually post. These people have to be the lowest form of techno-life. We can't venture forth unto the vast internet unknown without updating spam filters on our email accounts and blogs, installing popup killers, maintaining firewalls and virus scanners, hunting down and squashing spyware. It's like having to wear a kevlar condom just to go to the grocery store.

Closing the cheap seats to the public will at least buy me back a spot of time every couple months to post some pictures of my kids, or better yet... create moments with them worth taking pictures of.

oh yeah... and maybe I'll actually blog about something worth reading ;-)

- Lito

Posted by Lito at 03:30 PM