January 31, 2004

Don't touch that dial...

It's Super Bowl weekend. I've no plans for a barbecue, beer, hot wings bash in front of the wide screen (and not because I don't have a wide screen)! Nor do I plan to attend a Super Bowl party at any of my friends'.

The only thing I typically look forward to is the parade of million-dollar commercials. This year, the commercial I'm looking forward to the most won't air on CBS during the game. MoveOn.org coughed up the $1.6 million to air a 30-second political 'issue' ad critical of the $1 trillion budget deficit. CBS considers it too controversial to air. CNN does not. I guess I'll be watching CNN this weekend.


- Lito

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January 25, 2004

Hello, World!

So now I have a 'blog'... I'm not sure what the big deal is. I really don't expect a lot of people to actually read every entry. I know I don't read everything I see on the internet. The industry that puts food on my table depends on people using (and trusting) the internet. But 'blogs' are not newspaper articles, penned by "professional" writers and scrutinized by experienced editors before appearing in the public eye. They rarely amount to little more than 'post-its' of an individual's random thoughts-- brain farts.

That said-- I believe I've effectively set any expectations of meaningful, thought-provoking prose from this 'blog' very, very low.

enjoy... I know I will.

- Lito

Posted by Lito at 06:28 PM