February 02, 2004

on the boob-tube...

I'm pissed! I'm outraged! I should write my Congressman. My family has come to expect the best in 'quality' entertainment; like people stabbing each other in the back for a 'rat-on-a-stick' and a sack of cash, or 'contestants' vying for a rose, while super models bitch-slap each other to get on the catwalk. We spent weeks eating dinner to Ted Koppel and the parade of charred, human remains during 'Operation Iraqi Liberation. We've come to expect only the best in violence, racist & sexist comedy, greed, and misinformation.

It pagns me to think my family was exposed to 2.6 seconds of Janet Jackson's right breast during the Super Bowl half-time show. What has this great country come to, when 'nekid wemin' are on the tee-vee and not where they belong-- the internet?

Thank our lucky stars public money is going to fund an investigation into who let the boob outta the cup! CBS, MTV, and AOL claim no responsibility. The NFL and FCC want to see heads roll. Janet and Justin shrugged and said, "wardrobe malfunction" (must've been made in a sweatshop overseas to be sold at Wal-Mart).

Ahh, for the simple days of innocence when controversy on television was in the form of-- Watergate, race riots, the Vietnam War, and covering up Barbara Eden's bellybutton on "I Dream of Jeannie"

Posted by Lito at February 2, 2004 11:12 PM